Award of the President of Olsztyn for the winner of the GRAND PRIX of the Competition: 10 000 PLN!

GRAND PRIX of the International Guitar Competition.

The Queen of Guitars

Instrument from the Rafał Turkowiak’s luthier, built on the basis of absolutely innovative solutions;

  • first in the world top with a 9th generation ‚WAVE RESONATOR’
  • first in the world back&sides made of tonewood in 3rd generation ‚HIGH-TECH PRESS’
  • first in the world 6th generation ‚ACOUSTIC TUBES’ inside the guitar neck (European Patent Office EP 3340231)
  • first in the world ‚SIGMOIDAL’ joint of the sides (European patent no. 008177463-0001)
  • innovative, hand-shaped Ebony Impedance bridge with stiffening wings encrusted with natural bone and natural Baltic amber (European patent no. 008177463-0003)
  • solid-top – Western Red Cedar (bottom)
  • back & sides made of Tigerwood with sapwood
  • hand made logo made of natural Baltic amber in the guitar head
  • elevated fingerboard made of African Ebony
  • asymmetric Turkowiak neck made of Flamed Sycamore Maple
  • scale length 650 mm
  • hardcase

€500 – Special award of the Competition for Joaquin Rodrigo’s 120th birthday

INTERTON – sponsor of the guitars and accessories of the International Guitar Competition

LAUREATES PRIZE 1st place in group II – qualification to the 2nd stage of the 18th International Guitar Competition Jan Edmund Jankowski „Silesia Guitar Autumn” Tychy 2022 with the accomodation

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