The regulations

XI Joaquin Rodrigo Olsztyn Guitar Festival


I General Provisions

  1. The organiser of the XI Joaquin Rodrigo Olsztyn Guitar Festival called farther “Organiser” is „Melofani” Association Spółdzielcza str. 4, 11-001 Dywity and National Music School in Olsztyn, Kościuszki str. 39 in Olsztyn
  2. The course will take place on 26.06-02.07.2021 in the National School of Music in Olsztyn,Warmińsko-Mazurska Philharmony and Czesław Niemen Amphitheatre in Olsztyn
  3. Course participants may use accommodation offer in Youth Hostel on Kościuszki str. and Żołnierska str.(details availlable on the Festival webside)
  4. The schedule of the Festival will be available on:
  5. The Organiser reserve the right to change the schedule of the Festival and changes in the composition of the teaching staff.

II Qualification and organization of classes

  1. Festival participants have to accept the Festival Regulations and send an application form, documents of payment, declaration of intent (for the underage participants – see section II / 4 of the Regulations ) on Festival office address and should be received the acceptance of Organiser.
  2. The application form , declaration of intent and the Festival Regulations will be published on website Download: declaration-of-intent-2021
  3. The Course participants who have not completed 13 years may take part in the Course only with the parent or legal guardian
  4. Students aged between 13 and 18 may participate in the Course by themselves but should provide the declaration of intent which is in the Annex to this Regulation.
  5. Participants will receive confirmation of their participation in the Course until the 3rd June 2021
  6. Classes and auditions will be held in the Music School building according to the Course Schedule and based on the selected participant packet participation or competition group.

III The responsibilities of teachers

  1. Teachers have the right to teach with their choice of teaching methods, respecting the principles of professional ethics.
  2. Teachers are obliged to inform the participant about the reason of teacher’s absence on classes.Teachers are required to work off that classes on time agreed with the participant.
  3. The teacher is not required to lead the classes in case of the participant absence.

IV The rights and obligations of the participants

  1. The cost of participation should be paid according to the selected package / group.
  2. Participants should pay the cost up to the 20th of May 2021 on the Organiser’s bank account, including the title „The name of participant – Guitar Course (Competition)”.
  3. The participant has the right to give the participation in Festival up. In that case, the participant will receive the payment back but under the condition providing the Organiser a form of the resignation until the 31th of JMay 2021. The amount of 230PLN/55 Euro (two hundred twenty zlotys/fifty five Euro) is non-refundable.
  4. In case of the resignation from the Course the participant will be given the refund up to the 10th of September 2021 in accordance with the section IV/3 of the Regulations.
  5. Festival participants provide for the insurance by themselves.
  6. Participants are responsible materialie for any damage or destruction they do on the property of the Music School.
  7. The participants who break this Regulations will be removed from the Course/Competition on any time of its duration without the possibility of claims for the return of the payment.
  8. It is possible to report to the Organiser or the Director of the Festival all remarks.

V Final provisions

  1. The organiser is having every right for recording and photographing the concert of participants, of performances in the competition, of classes and workshop displays and to use them for any promotional purposes and archiving of the competition.
  2. All forms of recording events as part of the Festival without consent of the Organiser is forbidden.
  3. Participants have to sign RODO agreement