Rules of the competition

VIII International Guitar Competition in Olsztyn 30.06 – 02.07.2016

  1. Jury of the International Guitar Competition in Olsztyn in the composition established by the organizers evaluate the performances of each contestant on a scale of 0 to 25 points.
  2. Jury President is appointed by the organizers. President leads a meeting of the Jury, has the right to increase or decrease the results of the auditions of 0.5 point.
  3. Secretary of the Jury coordinates the proper working of the committee of judges associated with evaluating performances of eachparticipants and can evaluate the performances of the participants.
  4. Laureate of the Competition is a guitarist/ensemble who has obtained at least 21 points.
  5. Jury qualifies up to eight guitarists to the second stage of the second group, who received the highest score. Scoring both stages do not add up.
  6. Grand Prix Competition can get artist / ensemble that received the highest score of the Competition and can not be simultaneously awarded the first place in their group.
  7. Competition results will be announced during the Concert on July 2, 2016. The participant can know the points of own performance.
  8. Grand Prix winner presented during the concert on 02.07.2016 – program designated by the President of the Jury.
  9. Awards distributes Organizer in agreement with the President of the Jury.
  10. Organizer may participate in meetings of the Jury.
  11. The members of the jury not judge their students.
  12. The Jury President should prepare protocol of the competition. It should contain all the decisions , observations and suggestions.
  13. The results of the VIII International Guitar Competition /WINNERS LIST/ will be posted on